Gone are the good old days where the youths were entertained and danced to the melodies of decent and great musicians like Onyeka Onwenu, King Sunny Ade, Orits Wiliki, Orlando Owoh, Lagos highlife, Igbo highlife, Boys2men, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie and the rest. Nowadays, it appears that there is an agenda to corrupt our youths with indecent music, lyrics and music videos. Watching the likes of Trace Naija, Hip Tv, Sound City and the rest will convince you that there is an agenda to corrupt our youths. Music videos under the genre of Naija hip hop have now been turned into soft pornography.

These immoral artists went from putting mini skirt wearing girls in their videos to putting bikini girls and now G-string girls. Who knows, may be in a couple of years they will be dancing totally naked in their music videos. Hip-hop genre originated from the criminal elements in black America, however it appears that the Nigerian hip-hop artists have finally outdone the Americans in regards to the level of indecency. Nigerian hip hop videos are now worse and full of more nudity than the American hip hop videos.

The song titled “Rush” by the so called Bella Sharmuda proves that the indecency of Nigeria hip-hop singers are worse than that of the black Americans that invented hip-hop. Even 50 cents cannot display such nudity that Bella Sharmuda did in “Rush”. Even Jay Z cannot display such nudity that Bella Sharmuda did in “Rush”. Even Beyonce cannot display such nudity that Bella Sharmuda did in “Rush”. Only an ignorant Nigerian rapper that believes there is no law and order will display such nudity.

Such brazen indecent acts such as placing bikini wearing girls and G-string wearing girls in music videos will not go unchallenged neither will the portrayal of soft pornography in hip-hop music videos be tolerated. We have commenced our campaign against indecent film and music and we will surely rid our nation of it. Assuming there was no afro hip-hop in Nigeria, the country would have been developed a long time ago. In order for development to occur in Nigeria, the youths have to be conservative Africans and not liberals that choreograph to afro hip-hop. You cannot choreograph your way to development and that is why we urge the youths of Nigeria to reject afro hip-hop culture and indecency.

To the youths of Nigeria: what benefit has afro hip-hop culture brought to you? It has brought nothing but destruction.

Thanks to the promotion of nudity by afro hip-hop, our young children are sleeping with each other and getting pregnant.

Thanks to the promotion of nudity by afro hip-hop, rape and pedophilia has increased.

Thanks to afro hip-hop, promiscuity instead of marriage is being promoted and as a result our girls are finding it difficult to get husbands.

Thanks to afro hip-hop, the youths are more concerned about “hammering” instead of national development.

Thanks to the promotion of violence by afro hip-hop, violence and cultism has increased.

Thanks to the promotion of drug use by afro hip-hop, our youths are smoking weed and mkpuru mmiri (methamphetamine).

Thanks to afro hip-hop, your government will not develop the youths because they will consider you to be lazy youths.

The youths of Nigeria are ignorantly embracing hip hop culture because they believe that it makes them advanced like America. But what these ignorant youths do not know is that the time America was poor and developing, they banned indecent culture and even alcohol in order for them to attain national development. For example, during the time that America was having their industrial revolution in the nineteen fourties, a woman will be arrested in America if she wore a bikini to the beach. Alcohol was also prohibited in the nineteen fourties in America. It’s the same thing that we are trying to do here in Nigeria. We need to ban indecent cultures initially.

Let us attain national development first like America did. Then once you become a rich nation like America, then you can tolerate some of these cultures similar to how America is tolerating it. Indecency poses no immediate threat to a country like America and America can afford a little bit of indecency because they are already a developed country and they have a strong economy, strong law enforcement, strong judiciary, a civilized population and the rest. On the other hand, Nigeria and Africa as a whole do not have the listed attributes and this is why any attempt to import the indecent culture of America into Nigeria will lead to disaster.

Similar to how a man with the antidote will not die after ingesting poison, America will not die as a result of indecency because they have the antidote but Nigeria will die as a result of indecency because Nigeria does not have the listed attributes of a developed society which are the antidotes that prevent death as a result of indecency.