We campaign against Nigerian made internet pornography not only because it poses a great danger to our children but also because we strongly believe that there is an agenda to erode our conservative African culture through pornography. Section 23 of the Cybercrime Prohibition/Prevention Act 2015 has criminalized the making of pornography. And we have called on the inspector general of police to arrest and prosecute the lazy youths that call themselves pornographers. We have also discovered that there is agenda by those that wish to sabotage our African culture to integrate our African tradition with pornography. For example, considerable amounts of Nigerian made pornography are set in Yoruba and Igbo village scenes.

These immoral pornographers go as far as acting pornography whilst wearing our traditional attires. If we may ask you a rhetorical question, why are these Nigerian pornographers integrating our African customs and attires with their pornography? Why are they not acting their pornography whilst wearing a plain T-shirt and blue jeans alone? In case you do not know, they are infusing our customs, tradition and attires in pornography because they are working for those that wish to sabotage our African culture and tradition. Those that want to sabotage our conservative African culture know that our conservative African culture where morality is cherished and where respect is given to the elders will be undermined, eroded and subsequently destroyed if immoralities like pornography and the rest are introduced.

And besides, the African culture which these Nigerian pornographers are integrating with pornography do not belong to them alone, it belongs to you and I as well. So who gave these Nigerian pornographers the permission to represent us in pornography? Who gave them the permission to integrate our national identity, culture and attires with pornography for the whole world to see? Who gave them the permission to drag our African culture in the mud? Another danger posed by internet pornography is the fact that these pornographic sites are too graphic even for the adult audience, not to talk of our children. Pornographic sites contain not only heterosexual porn but also a lot of other weird and unconventional immoralities and such contents can negatively affect our young children.

The rise of rape and sodomy in boarding schools is as a result of internet pornography which our children are exposed to. Although a considerable amount of people from my generation were exposed to pornography, most of us turned out good because the pornography our generation was exposed to was limited and hard to obtain. However, the children of this generation have been cursed with pornography. Nowadays, our little children are being exposed to free and easily downloadable pornography on the internet and any child with a cheap android phone can easily go on Google to search for pornography. It has been argued by some proponents that parents should monitor their children and their use of the internet in order to prevent them from harmful pornography; however we do not believe that it is the fault of the parent because pornography is easily available on cheap mobile phones and a child could still get access to a phone without the consent of his or her parent.

And besides, the internet in itself is a good thing, our children may have assignments from school and they need to use the internet to research. The internet is not bad, it is those that upload pornography to the internet that give the internet a bad name. Several other countries in the world including Philippines and Thailand have banned internet pornography because it corrupts their children and if such countries can do it, then we moral Africans can do the same. Although we prefer a society where internet pornography is banned, that is not our campaign at the moment. Our campaign is against those that infuse our national identity in pornography We hereby warn any lazy youth that wishes to go into pornography not to associate our national identity with his or her pornography.

This means that in your pornography you must not mention the name Nigeria and neither are you allowed to use the hash tags #Nigeria, #Naija, #Nolly or #Nollywood in your pornography. You are not allowed to mention or portray any of the Nigerian tribes in your pornography and neither are you allowed to adopt or bear a Nigerian name or stage name in your pornography. You must not associate your pornography with Nigeria or any of its tribes because our tribes and national identity does not belong to you alone. Failure to comply will result in you violating Section 23 of the Cybercrime Prohibition/Prevention Act 2015.