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Gone are the good old days where the youths were entertained and danced to the melodies of musicians like Onyeka Onwenu, King Sunny Ade, Orits Wiliki, Orlando Owoh, Lagos highlife, Igbo highlife, Boys2men, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie and the rest.   Nowadays, it appears that there is an agenda to corrupt our youths with indecent music, lyrics and videos.   Watching the likes of Trace Naija, Hip Tv and the rest will convince you that there is an agenda to corrupt our youths. Music videos under the genre of Naija hip hop have now been turned into soft pornography. These immoral artists went from putting mini skirt wearing girls in their videos to putting bikini girls and now G-string girls. Who knows, may be in a couple of years they will be dancing totally naked in their music videos.   Hip-hop originated in America, however it appears that the Nigerian hip-hop artists have finally outdone the Americans in regards to the level of indecency. Nigerian hip hop videos are now worse and full of more nudity than the American hip hop videos. Such brazen indecent acts  such as placing bikini wearing girls and G-string wearing  girls in music videos will not go unchallenged neither will the portrayal of soft pornography in hip-hop music videos be tolerated.   We have commenced our campaign against indecent film and music and we will surely rid our nation of it.