Dear business men, the night club business has always been a lucrative venture even before these days. This implies that you can make good money from your nightclub business without having to resort to asking our daughters to strip.
Instead of stripping, why not create harmless forms entertainment in your night clubs? These may include bringing in games like snooker, table tennis, darts, mini golf, karaoke, air hockey, pinball, card games, board games, amusement arcades,video games and the rest into your clubs so that we may patronize you. For your information, there are millions of responsible Lagosians that are stuck in boredom at home because you have given them no other options than to either stay at home or come to watch strippers at your clubs. But if you remove the strip from your night clubs and you integrate harmless forms of entertainment then you are not only assured of the people’s gratitude but also of customers, high revenue
and profit.
It is not out of malice that we seek to ban strip clubs in Lagos state but out of our desire to protect our African culture and national sovereignty from destruction.
Thank you for your cooperation.